Tesla Model S and X Upgraded For Better Range And Drive

Tesla has announced some technical upgrades for its Model S sedan and Model X SUV resulting in more efficient drive, faster charging, longer range without changes to the battery.

This week Tesla stars production of updated Model X and S at the plant of the brand in Fremont, California. Customers can order cars online. Delivery time will be the same as for the outgoing models. What has changed?

Improvements are made in the drive unit and the chassis. They bettered torque, power, range and lowered charging time. The top Long Range versions now can ride 10% longer distance on a single charge: EPA-rated 325 miles (Model S) and 325 miles (Model X) with the same 100kWh battery.

Tesla applied a Model 3’s “optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor” for both models, redesigned gearing and cooling, used new bearings and lubrication boost.

Both vehicles are now capable of achieving 200kW on the latest ‘V3’ Superchargers and 145kW on more common ‘V2’ones.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

Moreover, they got a fully adaptive damping system for the air suspension to optimize aerodynamics. There are some minor updates in wheels and tires.

For those customers who bought a Model X or S before the changes, Tesla offers a free Ludicrous Mode upgrade to a Performance model as a compensation. In addition, Standard Range variants are reintroduced on both cars.

Upper picture: Tesla Model S

Source: Autocar

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