Tesla Model S and X Now Have Longer Range as Standard

Tesla’s Model S and Model X have received new versions which replace the Long Range variants.

Tesla informs a Long Range Plus configuration will be base for both the Model S and Model X. It comes to replace a Long Range version.

The new modification provides a driving range of 390 miles (628 km) for the Model S and 351 miles (565 km) for the Model X, according to EPA* estimates. Previously the figures were 370 miles (596 km) for the Model S Long Range and 328 miles (528 km) for the Model X Long Range.

The Long Range Plus starts from $81,190 and $86,190, respectively.

Tesla strives to enlarge the driving range on a single charge up to 400 miles (644 km). Arrival of the Long Range Plus variants of the Model S and X is a step towards this aim.

The extra range becomes possible due to new 19” wheel s of Tempest design and some software tweaks.

*WLTP/EPA ratio is approx. 1.121

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