Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Corvette C8 in Drag Race

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Corvette C8 in Drag Race

A Tesla Model 3 competed with a mid-engined 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 in a drag race. Which car do you think won?

Instant torque, power, and all-wheel drive let the Tesla outperform the new Chevy.

The Tesla’s claimed 0-60 mph acceleration time is 3.2 seconds, while the Corvette C8 is faster on paper (under 3.0 sec). With the optional sport exhaust that boosts power, and the Z51 Package, the latter is able to sprint even in 2.8 seconds.

Why could the Model 3 win?

Even with its naturally aspirated engine, the Corvette needs a faction more time to go. Even with the launch control activated, it still bogs up and down on its suspension before it starts accelerating in full.

As for the Tesla, as soon as you push the go pedal, the car shoots forward with no traction loss, and comes out on top in the short race proving it is faster. Look how it was: https://youtu.be/VxwaqbhqaxI

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