Tesla Model 3 Beats Record Of Popularity In USA

The Tesla Model 3 showed record sales result in December 2018. From month to month, year over year it has been increasing sales, and its rates of growth may be the highest of all major sellers in the US car market.

In May and June Tesla sold over 6,000 Model 3s. In July we observed the explosion of demand: 14,250 units. Then sales were constantly growing: up to 17,800 cars in August, 22,250 units in September.

The fourth quarter started predictably lowly (17,750 units in October, 18,650 Model 3s in November), but boomed again in the end of the year – 25,250 cars in December just in the USA.

It is the single highest monthly figure for a plug-in electric vehicle ever. For comparison: Tesla sold 1,060 Model 3s in December 2017.

The overall 2018 figure stands at 139,782 units.

The highest previous volume for an EV in a single year was in 2014 when the Nissan Leaf sales reached 30,200 cars. As we can see, the Tesla Model 3 surpassed by far.

Tesla’s combined total (Model 3, S & X) for the whole 2018 amounts 191,627 sales in the Unites States. It allows to consider that over 2/3 of the revenue for EVs in the US last year belong to Tesla.

Source: InsideEVs

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