Tesla Is Ahead Of Mercedes And BMW in the US Used Car Market

Experts of iSeeCars have analyzed more than 6 million deals in the used car market of the United States and ranked the fastest sold out models. The Tesla Model S turned out to be a top-seller.

An American online marketplace iSeeCars has made sales analysis of the used car market. Their study concerns the vehicles of 2016-2018 model years sold from April 2018 to March 2019.

Based on the number of days a vehicle was on sale until someone bought it, the experts have defined the cars sold faster than others, which were on the market for the shortest period before a deal.

The Tesla Model S leads in the list being ahead of Porsche, Mercedes or BMW cars of the similar size.

Tesla Model S is the fastest sold vehicle on the US used car market

See below the whole ranking. The figures opposite each model mean the average number of days it spent on the market, and (in brackets) the average price:

  1. Tesla Model S – 35.5 ($68,159);
  2. Audi A7 – 39.7 ($47,710);
  3. Audi A8 – 39.8 ($52,687);
  4. Mercedes S-Class – 41.6 ($89,434);
  5. BMW 6 Series – 48.5 ($57,794);
  6. BMW 7 Series – 48.7 ($58,500);
  7. Jaguar XJ – 49.8 ($52,644);
  8. Genesis G90 – 56.7 ($56,591);
  9. Porsche Panamera – 60.1 ($88,876);
  10. Maserati Quattroporte – 69.8 ($76,620).

Upper photo: 2018 BMW 6 Series

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