Tesla Increases Price for Model S Plaid by $10,000

Tesla Model S Plaid Will Feature World’s Fastest Acceleration_photo

The Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event took place on June 10 at the Fremont plant. Deliveries have started.

As earlier reported, the manufacturer will not launch the Model S Plaid+ version believing that the Model S Plaid’s performance is sufficient.

Indeed, the tri-motor 1020-hp Tesla Model S Plaid is a highly capable vehicle, on par with sports cars, but unlike them, it is eco-friendly. It achieves a top speed of 200 mph with a special wheel-and-tire setup.

The Tesla car needs just 1.99 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour. Jay Leno, an American television host, recently said he covered a quarter-mile distance in 9.247 seconds at 152 mph in a Tesla Model S Plaid.

Tesla estimates the Model S Plaid will achieve EPA-rated figures of 350 or 390 miles on one charge. The Plaid+ would have 1100 hp, a 520-plus-mile range, and faster acceleration than the Plaid.

All this certainly impresses, but the price is also impressive – $131,190 for the Tesla Model S Plaid now. It is $10,000 more than the previously set price. The price increase won’t affect already placed orders.

Lately Tesla has been steadily raising prices, apparently due to the semiconductor chip shortage which affects many manufacturers, not only Tesla.

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