Tesla Has Released Its Official Data On Production And Deliveries For Q2

According to Tesla’s press release in the second quarter of 2018 the company produced 53,339 units, mostly Models 3 (28,578 units) and delivered to customers 40,740 cars.

The Model 3 production turned out to be higher than expected, but deliveries were lower.18,440 Models 3, 10,930 Models S and 11,370 Models X were underdelivered.

During the last 7 days of Q2 Tesla produced 5,031 cars of the Model 3, as officially confirmed, thanks to a new assembly line launched in a tent-like facility. So the plan to make 5,000 cars a week was fulfilled.

Now they expect the original line to support the production rate alone. By late August Tesla hopes to be at 6,000 Models 3 per week.

Orders and deliveries for the Model S and Model X are still going strong, and the American car maker keeps its goal of 100,000 deliveries of those two in 2018 unchanged.

Source: Electrek

Photo: Model 3

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