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Tesla Expands Portfolio By Adding a Roadster, a Minivan, a Compact Car

Tesla has ambitious plans of expanding its portfolio.

Although many of Tesla’s future products have no firm deadlines, Wall Street investors made the company the most valuable automaker in the world.

Two factories for making the Tesla Model Y – one in Germany and one in Texas – are under construction. The Cybertruck pickup and a semitruck will join next year. In addition, Elon Musk informs they want to add a minivan and a compact vehicle to the brand’s portfolio.

Products in the pipenline

New compact model: Tesla will design the vehicle for Europe and considers engineering it in Germany. The car could arrive in about 3 years, priced around $25,000.  

Model 3: It remains to be the brand’s major draw and bestseller. No redesign is planned for the near future.

Model S: Tesla introduced it in 2012. Then some significant upgrades and performance improvements have been added. In 2020, the car got the 400-mile range through a software update. An S Plaid hot version will be available late next year. The full redesign is expected in 2024.

Model Y: Elon Musk calls the crossover is Tesla’s most important vehicle (and most advanced one), and assures it will outsell all other models of the brands laid end to end. And indeed, its sales have started very well this year.

Model X: Musk promises that over-the-air software updates will soon be available on the model. They upgrade the air suspension and better performance, ride comfort, handling. In 2024, expect a new generation.

Roadster: Tesla announced it in 2017, but for today they have not set a distinct time frame for this vehicle, which would lay a “hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars” (Musk said). The roadster will unlikely arrive before 2022.

Cybertruck. Tesla positions the bold pickup as a “better” truck than a Ford F-150, and a faster one than a Porsche 911. It goes on sale in late 2021. The vehicle offers a towing capacity is up to 7,500 lbs, and a driving range exceeding 250 miles. If its sales flop, Tesla doesn’t exclude the possibility of offering a “normal truck” instead.

Minivan: Musk says that Tesla may build a minivan, if only for looks. He hasn’t offered a time frame yet. It’ll most likely happen after the Cybertruck, the semitruck and the Roadster.

Source: Automotive News

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