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Tesla Cybertruck Will Cost Over $40K, Production Targeted For Mid-2023

Elon Musk has revealed some news about the Tesla Cybertruck – its price and production launch.

During the 2022 Tesla Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup 2022 Texas) yesterday, Elon Musk shared some information about the company’s most intriguing and long-awaited model – the Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s hard to remember another vehicle that would be more rumored about and more worthy of increased attention than the Cybertruck.

Tesla CEO promises the model will be “one hell of a product” and “a damn fine machine.” Its timeline for production and delivery has been constantly pushed back.

Currently, the company is targeting the middle of next year for production, albeit we won’t be surprised if this term will be shifted again. What we know for sure now is that the Tesla Cybertruck’s real price will be higher than they initially promised.

Well, nothing strange is here: time has passed since the pricing was first announced, and the laws of the market work (inflation, etc.).

At the event for shareholders, Mr. Musk only confirmed what we already guessed: the Tesla Cybertruck specs and pricing will be different when it is finally available.

As a reminder, the electric truck’s originally stated price was $39,900 for the Single Motor RWD vehicle, $49,900 for the Dual Motor AWD version, and $69,900 for the Tri-Motor AWD model. Deliveries should have begun in 2021.

The automaker also promised a 2.9-sec acceleration from zero to 60 mph, a driving range of 500 miles, and 250+ kW fast charging capability. Impressive figures, if only they turn out to be true.

Now, when it’s clear that the base price of the Tesla pickup will exceed $40,000, we see the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Chevrolet Silverado EV are cheaper offerings. Both are worthy rivals.

So, the Cybertruck will have to win customers if not by its price then by its charisma and high technologies. This is a Tesla, it’ll handle.

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