Tesla Cybertruck Key Updates To Be Announced In January

Tesla Cybertruck image

Elon Musk promises to announce some key updates of the Tesla Cybertruck at the earnings call in January 2022.

During his recent interview, CEO Elon Musk told of the plans for the Tesla Cybertruck. He names the truck Tesla’s best product ever, a “really special” one, though the making of this model is a challenge, Teslarati reports.

The Cybertruck will debut many new technologies, probably most innovations Tesla can offer today, including a quad-motor setup with individual traction control for each engine, and full self-driving (FSD Beta v10).

No modern vehicle of the brand has such a quad-motor system to date, and it will be this version to go into production first. What we also know is that the Cybertruck’s fully steerable chassis will allow moving diagonally like a crab: this is a direct response to the Hammer EV’s Crab Walk Mode.

During the upcoming Tesla earnings call next month, Musk should provide more detailed product updates.

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated and discussed global products of recent years. Although the model may arrive later than originally slated, the pickup is worth waiting. At least that’s what we’re told.

The automaker is aiming for its mass production in 2023, Musk said. The Tesla Cybertruck will be the first vehicle to roll off the assembly line at the company’s new Gigafactory Texas near Austin, which is under construction now.

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