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Tesla Cybertruck Has More Than 500,000 Pre-Orders, Will It Be Delayed?

Tesla planned to launch the Cybertruck in late 2021. Will the company stick by the timeline?

it is no exaggeration to say the Cybertruck market entry will be a great event. It is one of the most anticipated vehicles in recent years.

Tesla has already started U.S. deliveries of the Model Y crossover, ahead of schedule, but what about the Cybertruck? 

The coronavirus crisis has basically shut down the world, and nobody can be sure of the plans and the terms.

Tesla set a rather aggressive timeline for the Cybertruck release. It was unveiled in November 2019. The ambition was to go from a prototype to a series production car in two years. Deliveries are due to begin in late 2021.

Before this, Tesla has to find a location for production, to construct a factory and to organize a fully new manufacturing process.

No other vehicle has more than half a million reservations!

Customers, who made pre-orders, have reason to worry, but, at the same time, they should be aware that the COVID-19 will affect many new vehicle launches, not just the Cybertruck.

Will the Tesla Cybertruck arrival be postponed? It is possible.

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