Tesla Celebrates its One Millionth Car

The Model Y becomes one millionth vehicle Tesla has produced. At least, according to the information from Tesla’s CEO.

Today Elon Musk has posted congratulations and a photo of the landmark vehicle (a shiny red Model Y) on Twitter.

Good result, indeed, and could be even better, if it were not for the coronavirus outbreak.

The Tesla Model Y is a one of the most meaningful cars of the brand, which the company has high hopes for, despite some technical aspects.

For now the American automaker has two facilities producing Teslas – Fremont and Giga Shanghai. So, it does not seem unreal to achieve 2 million cars in 2.5 years, if the pace of 100,000 units per quarter remains the same.

Some Tesla supporters believe the company could reach that number in 2021.

Source: InsideEVs

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