Tesla Cars Will Be Able To Follow Owners Like A Dog

The Tesla cars will be controlled from smartphones after a certain upgrade, and can follow the owner, like a dog on a leash. It is about the advanced Summon feature.

Tesla’s boss Elon Musk has recenlty announced this. He noted that after six weeks, his company plans to launch an advanced Summon feature. It is the over-the-air software upgrade. It will be available on all vehicles made with Autopilot hardware V2+.

The current Summon feature allows parking a Tesla car when the driver is out. The vehicle can move back and forth squeezing into a tight parking space or a garage.

The new improved Summon will allow Teslas to follow the smartphone (go to the place where it is located), like a pet goes after his owner.

Moreover, Advanced Summon helps vehicles find empty parking spots and read parking signs. The phone’s owner just has to hold down a summon button on Tesla application.

So, the American carmaker strives for development of its autonomous technologies to an extend when the car owner can leave the vehicle, which finds a parking space by its own and then returns and picks up the driver on command.

Source: Carscoops 

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