Ten Unique Features Of the 2021 Ford F-150

Ten Unique Features Of the 2021 Ford F-150

Car and Driver tried a new Ford F-150 and picked out ten most interesting features it has on the higher-end Platinum Crew Cab trim level.

Sales of a new generation of the all-time best-selling pickup truck of America start next month. Meanwhile, let’s learn which goodies it will bring to please customers.

2021 Ford F-150’s Peculiarities:

  1. Folding Gearshifter

The shifter is equipped with the workspace tray that folds out from the center cubby.

2. Fourteen Power Outlets

In the bed, there are four 20-amp 120-volt outlets and a twist-lock 240-volt one that runs at 30 amps. In the cabin, there are two 120-volt outlets, one 12-volt socket and six USB ports. The cab outlets run on one circuit, the bed outlets can use both circuits.

3. Speakers in the Headrests

There are audio vents for speaker drivers stuffed inside, they have an effect almost as if you’re wearing headphones.

4. Hidden U.S. Flags

When you open the front doors, you see these etched American flag on either side of the dashboard.

5. Rulers and Clamps on the Tailgate

Ford installed two clamp holes along the tailgate’s widest side, and stamped two rulers on the tailgate in both imperial and metric measurements.

6. Sync 4 Swiping Gestures

The cursory info from the narrower right pane of the touchscreen can be swept left to the larger pane with no use of the main menu or any shortcut buttons.

7. More Sidewall

The Hankook Dynapro AT2 all-terrain tire for on-road comfort has the 275/60R-20 sidewall: it is slightly thicker than the one the 2020 F-150 Platinum uses.

8. More Shortcut Buttons

Two buttons on the center stack for often-used functions, a slider icon that loads the settings page; a music note goes to the page of audio tuning.

9. Special Graphics on the Digital Instrument Panel

The graphic shows a vital info in real time in the tow mode, like steering and incline angles, trailer braking gain settings. In the off-road mode, the truck’s rear and the roll angle are shown.

10. New Light, New Directions

The 2021 F-150 got a stacked LED headlight assembly, a more prominent amber LED strip. L-shaped running light stops along the fender. Turn signals are at the bottom, they do not split low- and high-beam lights as before. Those lights are in U-shaped chrome housings now.

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