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Tastes Differ: Car Bestsellers Per Country

Consumer car tastes vary in different parts of the world and depend, in particular, on mentality, geography, and climate. Car bestsellers differ per country: in some countries, preferences are the same from year to year, in others, sales leaders change. Let’s see which models headed the lists of the best-selling vehicles last year in the world’s largest auto markets.


Here the ‘king of sales’ is the BYD Song Plus: 459,424 units in 2022. Sale volumes in the country increased by 2% compared to the year before. It is the first time that this market almost doubled the size of that in the United States of America. EVs accounted for one-fifth of total sales.

BYD Song Plus image
BYD Song Plus, China’s 2022 bestseller


The leader is predictable here, and it is the same as always: Ford F-Series (653,957 units). Last-year sales decreased by 8% from 2021 and reached the lowest level since 2012. SUVs and pickup trucks continued to conquer the market pushing minivans and sedans.

2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R debuted on July 18, 2022
2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R


The top four European markets accounted for around 75 percent of the entire region. In Europe, sales declined by 6% last year compared to 2021. The Tesla Model Y became a clear winner in the BEV segment.

In Germany, Volkswagen won once again with 3 first places taken. In France, there is a new first-place sales winner that interrupted the Group Renault’s supremacy. In Spain, the leader surprises, and customers’ choice is patriotic in Italy.

Here are the bestsellers per country: the Volkswagen Golf (84,282 sales) in Germany, Nissan Qashqai (42,704) in the UK, Peugeot 208 (88,812) in France, Fiat Panda (105,384) in Italy, and the Hyundai Tucson in Spane with 21,985 sales.


All-wheel drive vehicles triumphed in 2022. The Toyota Hilux took 1st place here (64,391 sales), followed by the Ford Ranger and Toyota RAV4. Such a result clearly illustrates the fact that geography influences the choice of a vehicle.

Sales in Australia, as well as in India, Indonesia, and Turkey, increased and are higher than 2-3 years ago.

2021 Toyota Hilux image
2021 Toyota Hilux


This country set an all-time record of 4.37 million units and became the world’s third-largest car market ahead of Japan. India surpassed Japan for the first time. The Maruti Wagon R with 217,317 units sold is the Indian best-selling model in 2022.

2023 Maruti Wagon R image
2023 Maruti Wagon R


Bestsellers per country are the following: Turkey – Fiat Egea (68,779 units), Indonesia – Daihatsu Gran Max (65,062 units), Brazil – Fiat Strada (112,456 units), Argentina – Fiat Cronos (38,769 cars). Toyota Yaris (168,557 units) in Japan.

Well done, FIAT! This manufacturer works well in mentioned countries judging by its sales results.

2020 Toyota Yaris image
2020 Toyota Yaris

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