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  • Tesla Robotaxi May Appear On the Roads by 2024

    Tesla Robotaxi: no steering wheel and pedals

    Or may not… At least, the Tesla Robotaxi arrival in the next two years is one of Elon Musk’s latest promises. The Tesla Robotaxi should have been ready back in 2020, but by today it continues to be a project without real implementation. So far… Nevertheless, during a recent first-quarter earnings call, Tesla’s CEO claimed […]

  • Tesla Set a New Delivery Record, Mostly Due to Two Models

    Tesla plant in Germany

    From January to March 2022, Tesla delivered more than 310K vehicles worldwide – and this is a new record. Тhe lion’s share of deliveries falls on the Model 3 and Model Y. Yesterday Elon Musk’s company reported they delivered 310,048 vehicles to customers, and this number exceeds the result of the same period in 2021 […]

  • Tesla Cybertruck Production Canceled “In the Best Interest of Tesla”

    Tesla Cybertruck Production Canceled

    The Tesla Cybertruck, which has aroused great interest, will not reach the end-user: the carmaker cancels its production. Elon Musk has informed that the company made a difficult decision to refuse the production of the long-awaited, much-talked-about Tesla Cybertruck. The company will refund all pre-orders – over a million, by the way. There are several […]

  • Tesla Model 3 and Kia Niro EV Are Bests of Owner Satisfaction Ranking

    Tesla Model 3 image

    The Tesla Model 3 and Kia Niro EV ranked highest in J.D. Power’s U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study of 2022. The electric vehicles lead each in its segment: the Tesla Model 3 – in the premium BEV segment, and it also has the best overall rank of 777 scores, while the Kia Niro EV […]

  • Tesla Won’t Introduce New Models in 2022 But Focus On Self-Driving

    Tesla Model 3 image

    Tesla won’t introduce new models this year, namely the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster, Elon Musk informed during an earnings call. The Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster are delayed to 2023, as Tesla won’t introduce new models in 2022, according to Car and Driver. So, the reservation holders, already forced to wait more than they expected, will […]

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