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  • How Do Temperatures Affect Electric Vehicle Batteries?

    Battery Pack in Electric Vehicle

    The driving range of an electric vehicle gets affected when the air temperature drops in winter or rises in summer. Which factors maximize or minimize the range? How do temperatures affect electric vehicle batteries? Let’s figure it out. According to Polestar, the charging time of an EV battery can increase in the cold weather, as […]

  • Polestar 2 Enters TOP 20 of Most Popular EVs in Europe

    Polestar 2 image

    The Polestar 2, a Swedish premium electric car, is not for nothing called a potential competitor to the Tesla Model 3. According to sale results in October, it burst into the European rating of best-selling EVs slightly lagging s behind its main competitor. However, this parity is temporary. In October 2021, 2,400 Europeans purchased the […]