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SUV Sales Boom In Germany Despite Of Their Environmental Unfriendliness

People in Germany talk a lot about the changing climate, but there is a boom of SUVs popularity in this country. How does it fit together?

A million more SUVs will flood the streets in German cities this year. One of the largest-sized is the BMW X7 which is 5.15 m long, 2.21 m wide and 2.5 tons heavy.

But the problem is not only in the ‘heavyweights’. The compact Volkswagen T-Roc is also popular, as well as the small Opel Mokka, an improved and ‘pumped up’ variant of the Opel Corsa emitting 30 % more exhausts.

The German Federal Environmental Agency now wants to impose additional environmental taxes on drivers. Although the owners of the highest emission level vehicles had been already imposed a high tax 10 years ago in Germany! Since then number of SUVs has tripled on the streets!

More harmful emissions – higher tax

Harmful gases emitted by vehicles have been increasing instead of reducing, and SUVs, especially heavy-duty ones, contribute in this. Deutsche Welle believes it’d better to cancel some old taxes instead of imposing the new penal ones.

We need a single tax focused solely on greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, environmentally friendly biogas-powered vehicles should not be taxed at all, but the owners of heavy SUVs devouring liters of fuel will have to fork out.

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