Subaru Recalls The Subaru Ascent Vehicles In The USA Due To Possible Defects

Subaru recalls the Subaru Ascent cars in the USA due to possible defects in welding seams, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It is about 293 units so far produced from July 13 to July 21, 2018. During welding, the software failed and caused defects in seams. This can increase the risk of injuries and accidents.

For now several claims have been already received from the Ascent owners. Moreover, the complainants want to replace the vehicle with the welding defects revealed by a new car.

This is the only solution to this problem, as repair is not possible. Apparently, 293 all-new but defective Subaru Ascent crossovers will be scrapped soon. At least, this is what NHTSA insists on.

This malfunction was discovered on July 21, after that Subaru immediately ceased to sell the model. Though representatives of the company claim that only nine Ascent vehicles were actually defective.

The Subaru Ascent is the newest and the largest SUV in the Subaru’s line-up. In top-end configuration it costs almost 55,000 dollars.

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