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Study Shows Fewer Deaths And Injuries in Convertibles Than in Hardtops

Convertibles versus coupes proved to be safer, according to the latest study of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

IIHS has studied the accidents between 2014-2018, which happened with models up to 5 year old, available both as a convertible and a hardtop.

The fatality rate is 11% lower for convertibles that for hardtop cars per 10 billion vehicle miles traveled

Police-reported crashes for open-top cars are 6% lower per 10 million vehicle miles traveled than for coupes.

The injury rate for hardtop convertibles is 10% lower. Soft-top convertibles, in their turn, have a 3% lower injury rate than fixed roof vehicles.

21% drivers are thrown out and killed in a crash when rode a drop top car, while there is 17% of deaths among drivers behind the wheel of a hardtop vehicle.

In rollover accidents, the chances of leaving the cabin are 43 % for convertibles vs 35% for coupes.

What is the reason of such results?

Drop top cars are heavier and, hence, safer than cars with a fixed roof.

Convertibles are pricier than coupes and preferred by more mature and less risky people.

Moreover, convertibles are more often used for pleasure and looking around, and are better equipped to avoid an accident.

They are driven in good weather, so a factor of collision due to bad road conditions (like sleet, for example) is less likely.

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