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Spies Spotted Plenty of Ford Bronco Sport Vehicles In Michigan

Hundreds of new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport crossovers have been recently seen outside the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant.

This is the facility where Ford makes the Ranger and Ford Bronco models. Probably, the vehicles arrived to Michigan from the Hermosillo plant in Mexico for further distribution to dealerships.

Surely, several onlookers wondered what it meant.

The same way, new Ford F-150s once were spotted at the Detroit Metro Airport, Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant and surroundings. Then Ford explained those pickups were early production models awaiting final quality trials before shipping to retailers.

Ford expects the Bronco Sport to outsell its ‘elder brother’ – the 2021 Ford Bronco. The smaller SUV is cheaper and already available on sale, while deliveries of the bigger Bronco delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic issues.

The both received a price increase in December, albeit a slight one ($160) for the Bronco Sport.

Source: Ford Authority

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