Spies Photographed 2024 Ford Mustang Prototype for the First Time

Spies Photographed 2024 Ford Mustang Prototype for the First Time image

Although a new 2024 Ford Mustang has been heard about for a pretty long time, there is very little information about it. The first photos of its prototype add some understanding.

Toward the end of the current Ford Mustang production run, it’s natural to ask how the next generation of the muscle car will look like. Ford Authority’s spy photos have started to fill the information void with facts, although the test car’s camouflage is very tight.

The publication reports that it is difficult to distinguish many details in the 2024 Ford Mustang prototype’s shots. It seems to us that at this stage they cannot be distinguished. The general style and proportions of the new Mustang are preserved, it is hard to disagree with this, but what kind of revolution can be expected in the look of the iconic model? Naturally, the seventh-generation Ford Mustang will retain its authenticity.

Moreover, no major changes in the transmission are also expected. In May last year, the company’s management, as Ford Authority recalls, promised to leave the 5.0-liter V8 engine in the lineup.

Some electrification is possible for the seventh-generation model. It may become an ace in the hole for the European car market, but the arrival of an all-electric Mustang in the near future is unlikely. Perhaps, such a version will сome together with the eighth generation.

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