Sony Created a Vision-S Concept Car to Test Autonomous Technology

The Vision-S Concept built by the electronics giant is not for sale and mass production. It is a possible forerunner of future cutting-edge self-driving vehicles.

Sony showcased this concept car at the 2021 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) earlier this month. Currently the company has moved on to the next stage: the car is undergoing road tests in Austria.  

Sony and partners including Magna Steyr evaluate safety and Sony technologies, so they can become part of the autonomous-vehicle future.

Although the company has no plans to mass-produce or sell the vehicle at present, never say “Never”.

Sony has strengths in imaging and sensing, and aims to contribute to safety and reliability in self-driving, as well as to leverage entertainment in the mobility space.

The Sony Vision-S uses 40 sensors (4 of them are lidars) as part of its Safety Cocoon, which monitors both the interior and exterior and creates a 360-degree view.

It now has a Level 2+ driver-assistance system, but Sony will upgrade it to a Level 4.

Another highlight is a 360 Reality Audio, which optimizes audio for occupants and the driver using speakers in the headrests. In addition, a PlayStation with a 5G connection is underway.

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