Skoda  Has Shown Its First Series Electric Car – Mini Citigo-e iV

Skoda Has Shown Its First Series Electric Car – Mini Citigo-e iV

Skoda has made the official debut of its first EV – the Skoda Citigo-e iV whose driving range is one of the best in class.

The first production electric car of the Czech brand, the Citigo e-iV, has been presented at the World Hockey Championship taking place these days in Slovakia and sponsored by Skoda.

The fact that a city car is the basis for Skoda’s first green vehicle has long been known. The Citigo design and platform made it possible to place an electric transmission without exta costs for development and production.

The Skoda Citigo-e iV will be put on the conveyor this fall. After two or three months, the electric car will go to the dealer network.

Encouraging driving range

The automaker is still stingy with the technical information. True, earlier, the Skoda’s Head of global sales and marketing, Alain Favey, told Auto Express that the Citigo electric range would be about 186 miles (300km). Given the average urban European travels 75-93 miles (120-150km) by car, this is a good figure.

Moreover, the Citigo-e iV, thanks to a new battery, goes much farther on a single charge than the Volkswagen e-up! However, the latter will soon receive a version with this battery too.

Alternative to the Renault ZOE

The Skoda Citigo-e iV prices have not been announced yet. It will be the priciest version in the Citigo lineup. In terms of comparison with other electric vehicles, the new car may be a cheaper alternative to its main rival – the Renault ZOE. We’ll see.

We would not compare the Czech EV with the Nissan Leaf or the Hyundai Ioniq Electric as they belong to different classes, albeit the Citigo-e iV driving range is longer.

Electric design

The design of the new Citigo-e differs from the exterior of the base gasoline model only by its electric attributes: a muffled ‘non-radiator’ grille, a socket instead of a fuel cap, special wheels to reduce rolling friction and a new front bumper.

 Citigo-e iV prospects

It is clear the first electric Skoda focuses on the European market. The gasoline Citigo, by the way, is well bought in the UK.

Although the price is still unknown, we can suggest now that the model continues to form a certain budget category of electric cars and will be cheaper than the Renault ZOE and the Volkswagen e-up! The series Honda e will debut soon, which is also aimed at the mass car market.

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