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Rivian RT1 Demonstrates How Capable It Is With 8 Drive Modes

In the latest video, the manufacturer demonstrates the vast capabilities of the new Rivian RT1.

The Rivian RT1 all-electric pickup truck offers eight drive modes: “four for the road and four for when it ends”. A new video from the automaker shows in practice how each mode operates. The Rivian in the video is an 835-hp, factory-standard, quad-motor vehicle.

The drive modes to choose from are Sport, Off-Road Drift, All-Purpose, Towing, Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Rock Crawl, Off-Road Rally, and Conserve.

When the Sport mode is activated, the ground clearance is set at 10.5 inches, the dampers are stiffened up, the stability control operates in a reduced state, and the torque distribution chart shows that the most power is sent to the rear wheels.

In the Off-Road Drift mode, the stability control is off, the ground clearance enlarges to standard 11.9 inches, the ride keeps its stiff setting, and the brake regeneration is set to high. Thus, the truck can slip and slide through the course.

The All-Purpose mode is used on a tarmac road, when the standard ground clearance is chosen, the dampers are softened up, the brake regeneration returns to standard, and the stability control is on.

In the Off-Road Auto mode, the ride height is set at 13.5 inches, the damping is soft, and the stability control is full; the torque is evenly distributed between the front and rear motors, the brake regeneration is in the standard state. The truck tackles loose and unleveled inclines.

The Off-Road Rock Crawl mode is used to successfully move on tricky surfaces. The mode maintains the clearance, stability control, and brake regeneration high; it features a stiff ride and a 34-degree approach angle.

In the Off-Road Rally mode, the ride height lowers to standard 11.9 inches, the ride turns stiff, the brake regeneration is high, and stability is reduced. The R1T slips and slides on sandy surfaces while sending power to the rear axle.

The Conserve allows keeping minimum energy consumption. The mode lowers the ground clearance to 9.9 inches; it features soft damping, high brake regeneration, full stability control, and a small amount of torque to transfer to the front motors.

In the Towing mode, the vehicle is in its standard ground clearance with a stiff setting, full stability, and high brake regeneration. Once a Gen-Y hitch is mounted to the rear bumper, the Rivian RT1 can easily pull a big caravan with 900 lb-ft of torque evenly distributed to four wheels.

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