Rivian Rolls out Adventure Network by the End of 2023

Rivian Rolls out Adventure Network by the End of 2023

600 charging stations will be built in North America by the Rivian startup company for its own customers. The project is called “Adventure Network”.

Those charging locations containing more than 3500 DC fast chargers with up to 200 kW will appear across the USA and Canada by the end of 2023, similar to Tesla’s North American Supercharger network.

Owners/drivers of Rivian R1S and R1T will be able to use the service. 20-min charging adds 140 miles to the driving range. Wing and solar energy will be the sources of power for Rivian’s charges. Drivers will find the charging locations with the use of the in-car navigation system.  

In addition, Rivian is spreading out more than 10,000 public 11.5-kW chargers of Level 2 (Waypoints) countrywide, which can be used not just by the owners of Rivian vehicles, but of any electric car with a J1772 plug.

The company will install the first such chargers for free in Colorado state parks this summer. They allow 25 miles of range in 60 min. Rivian will pay to maintain the chargers in Colorado for 5 years.

11.5-kW home wall chargers will be also available, which receive over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi. The question of how much customers will pay for charging from Rivian is still under discussion.

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