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Rivian R1S Will Have a Younger Brother: Meet It In 2 Years

A 2-row Rivian R1S Sport will join the 3-row Rivian R1S, and we expect it will be more agile and cheaper.

The automaker plans to put the Rivian R1S Sport into production in the last quarter of 2024, so, more than two years are left before we see the model on the roads.

This offspring is a sporty version of the larger Rivian R1S SUV with a more maneuverable wheelbase and a sloped roofline, according to Muscle Cars & Trucks. Young people should like it, certainly, if its price is ‘right’ – lower than the $72,500 MSRP of the base R1S.

As for the potential rivalry, expect the Rivian R1S Sport will challenge the forthcoming Audi Q8 e-tron, Volkswagen Scout, or the Porsche Cayenne Electric, as well as the existing Tesla Model X. All are worthy competitors.

What Are You, Rivian R1X?

Recently the Rivian R1X has emerged in the information field.

Some sources say this is a performance SUV, a potential Ford Bronco Raptor killer based on a shorter version of the R1 platform, with an output of 1,200 hp and 1,200 pound-feet (1,632 Nm) of torque. Such enormous figures are achieved thanks to the use of new-type batteries and motors.

Other sources speculate that the R1X is a high-output powertrain or a performance trim level for the R1T and R1S models, or an eventual rolling update for them.

We can’t say which rumor is true. Facts are in Rivian’s hands.

What’s With the Rivian R1S?

Rivan forums say that some R1S reservation holders will be able to receive their vehicles in August, though most deliveries are currently scheduled for Q4 2022 (between October and December).

Those who reserved an R1S in late July will have to wait for the delivery until late 2023.

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