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Rivian Forum Posts Impressive Rendering of R1T HD Heavy Duty

A rendering of the Rivian R1T HD Heavy Duty has appeared, and it impresses.

The standard R1T has the towing capacity of 11,000 lbs, and 1760 lbs of payload capacity. These figures for a Heavy Duty version, if it ever arrived, would be significantly more.

Unlike the Tesla Cybertruck with its light exoskeleton structure and futuristic design, the Rivian pickup appeals to conventional customers with more pragmatic needs. The rendering is for them to think over a heavy-duty electric pickup truck and benefits it brings, if it brings any.

Towing heavy cargos is a challenge itself for electric pickup trucks – the more weight they carry, the less they can transport or tow. Besides, the range will drop drastically, when towing the large trailer like this one:

Rendering of the Rivian R1T HD Heavy Duty

Electric pickup trucks will probably need very streamlined trailers, eventually with their own battery pack to cover long distances without let or hindrance.

But we like the solution the author of this rendering from RivianOwnersForum offers.

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