Reliable And Not Very: TOP 10 Best And Worst Models In Opinion Of Owners

Based on opinion of half a million American owners of new cars, Consumer Reports has conducted the 2018 Annual Auto Survey and made the TOP ranking of the most reliable cars today as well as the most unreliable ones.

Experts studied 17 trouble areas and weighted the severity of each type of problem to create a Predicted Reliability Score for each vehicle. Next they combined that score with the data taken from the track testing, the owner-satisfaction survey results and the safety data.

Each model Overall Score then has been totaled to compile the list of the best and the worst models in terms of their reliability.

The TOP 10 most reliable cars (from 1 t0 10 descending) includes:

  • Lexus GX
  • Toyota Prius C
  • Toyota Prius Prime
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Lexus NX
  • Toyota Prius
  • Honda Fit
  • Kia Sedona
  • Toyota Highlander

As we can see, half a list are Toyotas.

Lexus GX
Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius Prime

The TOP 10 least reliable cars (presented in rank order, counting down to the least reliable model) are:

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Volkswagen Atlas
  • Buick Enclave
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
  • Kia Cadenza
  • Chevrolet Traverse
  • Honda Clarity
  • Cadillac ATS
  • Tesla Model X
  • Ram 3500.
RAM 3500
Tesla Model X
Cadillac ATS
  • Upper photo: Mazda MX-5 Miata

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