Ram 1500 Electric Truck Will Offer a Range Extender

Ram 1500 Adds All-Electric Version for 2024: New Platform, 500-mi Range_1

It’s not accurate yet, but the upcoming all-electric Ram 1500 pickup truck may have one useful feature – unique or not, time will tell.

The company’s chief executive officer promises the Ram1500 EV will be available with a generator to recharge the battery – a range extender, Car and Driver reports. No other electric truck currently has such a feature, but it is a good solution, and the automakers could take it into development.

In fact, back in 2018, Ford filed a patent for a bed-mounted, modular range extender for its future fully electric which is known now as the F-150 Lightning. The latter, by the way, does not currently offer that feature. Therefore, we can’t say that Ram’s idea is original, but we still don’t know what exactly, which type of range extender they are going to apply.

Perhaps, the Ram 1500 EV will come with the factory-installed range extender. We’ll see: the model hits the market not tomorrow, but in 2 years (in 2024).

The news about the range extender for the electric Ram 1500 has arrived after the company announced an initiative to collect input from real people in regards to electric trucks and commercial vans development via RamRevolution.com and the Ram Real Talk Tour event.

Ram intends to have electric models in the most segments by 2025, and offer a complete lineup of electric vehicles by 2030. Well, needs to keep up with competitors…

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