Promises And Praises: Elon Musk Told of Tesla’s Plans For The Future

At the annual investor meeting, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk told of achievements and plans. Among other things, he announced the arrival of a 400-mile-range car…eventually.

This week the annual presentation for shareholders and fans was made by Tesla. Apart from praise to electric vehicles and in particular to the Model S with its really outstanding range, Musk informed of the things which are on their to-do list.

Well, what should we expect?

Tesla will launch a car with the driving range of 400 miles (644 km). We won’t wait too long, but no timing has been given so far.

The Tesla Model Y SUV (pictured) goes into production this fall. Tesla’s boss believes it will outsell the Model 3, S, and the X.

The Model X cars, by the way, have recently joined the fleet of the Highway Patrol in Australian state of Victoria. The Xs are being used by cops for duty everywhere in the state.

A Gigafactory in Europe is one of the company’s far-off goals, as well as assembly plants on every continent.

Expansion of production outside America will allow offering more affordable cars to customers in Europe, for example, or China.

At the same time, Tesla will go on ‘conquering’ the USA.

A million Tesla robotaxis will joint ride-sharing network around the world, at least, such are the dreams of Mr. Musk, who continues to believe his vehicles wont’s make mistakes in full Level 5 self-driving (despite the fatal accidents in which Tesla cars with Autopilot were involved).

The plans of the American electric brand are good, indeed, we hope they are realizable.  

Source: Car and Driver

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