Problems With Production Of Audi E-tron Annoy Customers

Delays of the Audi e-tron deliveries make customers nervous. Buyers are not able to cancel their orders without a fine.

Audi has had serious problems with the production of its all-electric SUV. The automaker cannot get enough lithium-ion cells to keep the plant running even on one shift, InsideEVs reported.

As a result, there are delays in delivery of the vehicles already paid by customers. Naturally, buyers do not like to wait more than expected. There are some cases when waiting times increased by several months.

To reduce the waiting time, a person can change the order for a much more expensive version. Cancellation of the order leads to an 8-percent fine of about $6,800 (a decent amount, isn’t it?).

Audi’s production problems and fines look extremely negative against a success of Tesla. The American rival copes with deliveries and does not punish the customers for canceling orders.

In general, the market is very positively perceived the Audi e-tron. The company has already received about 7,000 reservations. That is why Audi will possibly annul its fines.

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