Price For Newest Tesla Model Y Will Start From $39,000

An all-new Tesla Model Y electric crossover has been officially presented and can be booked. Its starting price is known.

Actually, the Model Y is not still produced. The manufacture preparation process is underway. According to the plan, the car will roll off the assembly line in early 2020. However, delay is also possible, as it was with the Model 3.

In any case, customers will not receive the first vehicles before the fall of 2020. Today people can make pre-orders, paying an advance of $2,500, at least in the USA.

The versions priced from $47,000 are available now. Later on cheaper modifications of $39,000 will be marketed.

2021 Tesla Model Y
2021 Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y has several configurations, including an all-wheel drive version and a ‘warm’ Performance.

The mid-size SUV can run 230 miles (370km) on a single charge. Even if this figure will be twice as low in real conditions, that’s not bad either.

A rear-wheel drive version (Long Range) is the one which costs from $47,000, with the driving range of up to 300 miles (480 km).

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