Portable Hydrogen Cartridge is a Game Changer from Toyota

Toyota Mirai image

A portable hydrogen cartridge facilitates the everyday use of clean energy.

Toyota Motor Corporation and its subsidiary Woven Planet have developed a working prototype of the portable hydrogen cartridge. This invention is to ease transportation and supply of hydrogen energy to use it in a wide range of everyday applications in the house and outdoors, including the small urban car or a motorcycle, and even a heat source or an autonomous drone.

Hydrogen produces clean energy with no CO2 emissions. Today Toyota is one of the few automakers which are ready to invest in projects related to the usage of hydrogen, including hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Such vehicles have an unrivaled driving range and eco-friendliness, and they are able to cover long distances without refueling. The Toyota Mirai FCEV is now in its second generation: the company has produced it since 2014 and is not going to give it up.

Let’s back to portable hydrogen cartridges. What is their practical value for the world? An 11-pound 16×7-inch cylinder functions as a large battery. The discharged cylinder is easily replaceable with a fully-filled one.

The portable hydrogen cartridge is applicable in various areas, including automotive. It will well come in handy in remote and non-electrified places. In case of a disaster, you can swiftly dispatch it.

Toyota states that this project’s goal is to realize a carbon-neutral society with access to clean energy for all people, beginning from the Japanese. Currently, a human-centered smart city of the future is being constructed in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.

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