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Porsche Vehicles Become as Unique as a Fingerprint

Porsche continues to work on personalization of cars. From now on, the Porsche 911 becomes as unique as the papillary lines on the fingertips.

Porsche AG has developed an innovative direct printing method: visual graphic elements can be printed on a painted part of the car body. When buying a new 911, the future owner can personalize the hood thanks to a design that repeats his/her own fingerprint.

A “technology center” has been created for the project at Zuffenhausen. Personnel training in the direction of innovative technologies will also take place there.

Direct printing allows creating a design that cannot be achieved with conventional painting. The principle of operation is similar to the operation of an inkjet printer. The main difficulty lies in the simultaneous use of 3 technologies: robotics, application and painting.

Fingerprint personalization can be ordered at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur centers in Zuffenhausen.

The cost of the service in Germany is 7,500 euros (including VAT) and will be available on request at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur from March 2020.

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