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Porsche Taycan Performed Well In 24 Hour Endurance Test

Porsche has released the result of the Taycan’s endurance test at the Nardò high-speed track in Italy.

The pre-production Porsche Taycan passed 2,128 miles (3,425 km) at high speeds from 121 to 134 mph (195-215 km/h) within 24 hours.

During this period, there was a stop to fast-charge the battery, when it fully discharged, and to change the driver.

The weather was hot, by the way: +42 °C at peak, the track itself warmed up to +54°C. This fact should be taken into consideration too.

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range could cover 1,728 miles (2,781 km) in a 24-hour test, but, unlike the Taycan, on public roads and with not full charging capacity. So, the conditions for testing were unequal, but we have no other adequate examples for comparison today.

Porsche continues to demonstrate capabilities of its first pure electric model. Earlier this month, another test was conducted. A Porsche Taycan performed thirty 0-124 mph launches in sequence to show repeatable high output.

With the help of endurance tests, the carmaker wants to assure the Taycan can long maintain continuous higher power output.

The latest test in Italy was passed well thanks to the electric car’s unique 800-volt technology and innovative thermal management system.

Before the market launch in late 2019, the Taycan will have covered in testing over 3.7 mln miles (6 mln km) across the world.

The model will officially debut very soon, on September 4, 2019. This is when we’ll know the prices and specifications.

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