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Porsche Taycan Enters the Guinness World Records For the Longest Drift

The Porsche Experience Center (PEC) Hockenheimring was the scene of the world record.

Porsche instructor Dennis Retera did 210 laps on the 200 meter-long (0.12 mi-long) drift circle without the front wheels ever pointing in the same direction as the curve. After 55 minutes the sideways expert covered 42.171 km (26.204 mi) in total.

By completing this marathon distance, Retera secured the world record for the longest continuous drift in an electric vehicle. The average speed was 46 km/h (28.6 mph). A rear-wheel drive Taycan became the record-holder. It is already on sale in China.

Guinness World Records official record judge Joanne Brent supervised the attempt and documented the record. Another independent expert was Denise Ritzmann. She was the European drifting champion in 2018 and 2019.

Ritzmann is also responsible for ensuring the Porcshe Taycan remained in a permanent drift throughout the record attempt, and, together with Brent, counted the laps completed by the sedan.

The Porsche Taycan is already a record holder in many other disciplines, such as the 24-hour endurance run over 3.425 km (2.128 miles) on the high-speed track in Nardò; the best time in its class (7:42 min) on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife; the 26 sprints from a standing start to 200 km/h (124 mph) at the airfield in Lahr.

Porsche Experience Center

The company opened the Porsche Experience Center at Hockenheimring (the 2nd one after Leipzig) on October 13 last year. It is a 170,000 m2 site in the heart of the race track. The site houses a customer experience center, a handling track, 6 driving dynamics areas and an off-road course.

Other PECs are located in Atlanta, Le Mans, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Silverstone. The 8th and largest PEC is currently being built in Franciacorta, Italy. Porsche plants to open it in mid-2021.

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