Porsche Quickly Expands Charging Service In Europe

Porsche Quickly Expands Charging Service In Europe

Porsche expands its charging service for plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. The Porsche Charging Service digital platform is now available in 12 European countries.

Five countries – France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and Spain – have recently joined to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

Now the Porsche Charging Service platform covers over 49,000 charging points. The carmaker launched it in May last year. This service searches for suitable charging stations and invoices in detail via centralized payment database across the countries it is available in. A unit price per market is guaranteed and does not depend on currency. All information is given in real-time.

Porsche Charging Service has attained a new function – rating, that informs a user about the time of the vehicle’s latest charging at a charging station and the station’s daily capacity utilization. Thank to this option users can know how up-to-date and reliable the information is for one or the other charging point.

The respective mobile application is fitted for all mobile devices with iOS or Android. Porsche improved the user interface in the app. When you select a charging point, you can easier switch to navigation via Google Maps on your smartphone or in-car Apple CarPlay.

At the charging station, users are identified by a QR code via the app or a “Porsche ID Card” (received free of charge after registering).

The drivers of EVs and PHEVs (not only Porsches) can use the service. Porsche Charging Service costs €2.50 per month in Germany.

Source: Porsche

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