Porsche Presents 3D-Printed Bodyform Full-Bucket Seats

Porsche Presents 3D-Printed Bodyform Full-Bucket Seats

Porsche has developed innovative 3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat technology as an alternative to conventional bucket seat upholstery.

A seat and backrest cushions are partly produced by a 3D-printer. Customers will have a choice of three firmness levels – hard, medium, soft – for the comfort layer.

The personalized customizable seat is standard in race cars, and it is important for precise, sporty handling. Using it in a series-production vehicle, customer can try the motor sport technology. The seat delivers a unique design, lower weight, improved comfort and passive climate control.

The company offers the D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat for the 911 and 718 ranges from May 2020, initially in quantity of 40 units in Europe and in combination with a six-point seat belt.

As a next step, the seats will be available from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur from mid-2021. In addition to colors variations, seats adapted to the individual customer’s specific body contour will be also developed and offered then.

Source: Porsche

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