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Porsche Panamera-Based Coupe And Cabrio Are Under Development

Porsche engineers are working on new versions of the Panamera fastback. In 2020, a coupe and a cabriolet based on it will be introduced.

The Porsche Panamera will have two additional modifications. Both the coupe and cabriolet are technically identical to the standard model, Autocar informs. The difference is only in body layouts.

As British journalists say, the question is not why Porsche is developing new versions of the Panamera, but why the company is doing it now. In recent years, the automaker has paid great attention to development of crossovers.

Today, when the Macan has become a best-seller, Porsche again switches to sports cars. Large two-door luxury models are in stable demand, and the Panamera in this sense is very promising.

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