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Porsche Opened The Veil Over The New 911 In A Shot Video

The new Porsche 911 will retain all the family features. Porsche has officially confirmed the premiere of a new generation 911 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and published the first video teaser on Facebook.

On the eve of the 2018 LA Auto Show automakers announce their new products more actively. Porsche is not an exception. The eighth-generation 911 will make in debut in the USA very soon.

A shot video demonstrates us the new model’s outlines. The teaser probably shows either the 385-hp Carrera or the 450-hp Carrera S version- it is their premiere that we expect in Los Angeles. Then there will be numerous other modifications.

We’d like to remind that the previous generation Porsche 911 had 24 modifications in its line-up. The new 992 car will unlikely be represented by a smaller number of variants, and, possibly has even more, given the forecast for the hybrid version arrival.

Source: Porsche

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