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Porsche Macan Won’t be Pure Electric in the Near Future

The Porsche Macan will retain its gasoline version over the next three years. Porsche plans to develop a fully electric modification only by 2024.

Porsche’s most popular model in the USA, the Macan crossover, will be sold with a traditional gasoline engine for quite some time. A sharp transition to an all-electric variant is too risky, an anonymous top manager of the company said in an interview with Car and Driver.

A year ago, the automotive world was thrilled by Porsche’s announcement that the next-generation Macan scheduled to launch in a couple of years will be pure electric. The news then caused active discussions.

Macan will indeed receive the all-electric version, but not before 2024. Moreover, electric and gasoline-powered vehicles may be sold simultaneously.

The situation with diesel modifications of the Macan is more distinct. Well, they hardly have a future. The crossover will not have a PHEV version either – the battery takes up too much space.

In 2019, Motor1 informs, Porsche sold almost 23,000 Macans in the United States. In fact, this is more than overall sales of all other models of the brand.

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