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Porsche Launches Track Your Dream Service to Cover the 911 Orders

Customers can track the whole virtual journey of a car from the Zuffenhausen plant to a local dealership.

Earlier Porsche introduced an online platform to help find a classic Porsche. Now the company is developing its digital services by launching the Porsche Track Your Dream.

This platform serves for the Porsche 911 orderers. Later it will cover the Taycan too.

By means of this online tracking service, people can follow the cars they purchase on their entire way, step by step, from the production site in Germany to the final destination at the dealership for delivery.

The Porsche Track Your Dream comprises 14 milestone points including order creation, freeze point for vehicle changes, production updates, departure.

There is an interesting Behind the Scenes section which allows watching how a Porsche 911 is being assembled at the plant.

The app is currently available for customers from North America, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Spain, and will include more markets in the course of time.

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