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Porsche Launches More Affordable Taycan with RWD and Smaller Battery

A cheaper Porsche Taycan all-electric sedan with rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery is coming, according to Porsche R&D Chief Dr. Michael Steiner.

There is no launch time data yet, but the company assures its “electrification initiative will not stop with just three Taycan variants.”

The cheapest version currently available is the Taycan 4S with 522 hp / 72.4-kWh battery (base) and 563 hp / 93.4-kWh battery (optional). Its price starts at $105,150.

The higher level Porsche Taycan Turbo offers 201 miles (EPA* estimate) of range and 670 hp, while the top Turbo S can boast 750 hp and 192 miles*. The prices are $152,250 and $186,350, respectively. All three are all-wheel drive vehicles.

It is logical to assume the RWD Taycan will cost below $100,000.

*average ratio WLTP/EPA is 1.121 
*1 mi = 1.6 km

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