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Porsche Launches a New Electric Platform Starting from the Maycan

Porsche is developing a new PPE41 electric platform in partnership with Audi.

The first vehicle to have it will be the Porsche Macan, followed then by other models. The production of the all-electric Macan should start in late 2022.

Audi will also launch an electric car in the same segment. The companies are now solving whether the simultaneous launch of the both electric vehicles makes sense.

Besides, Porsche plans to offer other EVs soon  – the Boxster and Cayman, but on a different platform, not the PPE41.

The production of other models based on the new architecture is in the pipeline as well. They will be the B-segment cars, and maybe even the C-segment ones.

Porsche will make vehicles with internal combustion engines until 2030, gradually switching to fully electric models. In addition to the Taycan, the company is intensively working on the plug-in hybrids.

Source: Porsche

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