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Popular Ford Pickups May Get a New Package Named “Thunder”  

Popular Ford pickups – Maverick, F-150, and Ranger – will possibly receive a new version.

The Blue Oval filed applications with CIPO dated June 27, 2022, to trademark the “Thunder” name for a trio of its pickup trucks. This is about the Maverick Thunder, F-150 Thunder, and Ranger Thunder, according to Ford Authority.

Ford likes using catchy names for new packages, like Rattle or Adrenaline, or Tremor. The last two have been patented for the Maverick and Ranger in Chile and Mexico. A rugged off-road capable 2023 Ford F-150 Rattle for adventure-seekers debuted in March 2022.  

The Thunder version is not new: Ford already had such an offering in Europe and now intends to offer it for North America, judging by the aforementioned trademark application.

The 2020 Ford Ranger Thunder Edition (pictured), a derivative of the highly popular Ranger Wildtrak series, was a limited-run model (just 4,500 examples) whose deliveries began in late summer 2020.

The version featured a color-contrast exterior and interior, a Double Cab body, and standard all-wheel drive. As for its powertrain, it was an efficient 2.0-liter twin-turbo EcoBlue diesel engine producing 213 HP and 370 pound-feet of torque in pair with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission for effortless on- and off-road performance and smooth shifting.

The Ranger Thunder combined high specification with optimized load hauling and tough 4WD capability.

Of course, some trademark filings may not result in future products, but they can predict the introduction of new packages or features. This time, we are almost sure that the Thunder is not only on paper but a real product.

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