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Peugeot Enters the One-Ton Pickup Segment with a New Model

Peugeot adds a pickup to its portfolio  – the 2021 Landtrek

The new model offers versatility, different body shapes, off-road and overtaking capabilities, ease of repair, reliability, robustness, advanced modularity.

The Peugeot Landtrek provides a choice of

  • 2.4 L 210-hp turbocharged petrol (gasoline) and 19.L 150-hp diesel engines,
  • manual or automatic gearbox with 6 speeds,
  • chassis cab, single cab or double cab bodywork,
  • more than 40 customized accessories,
  • Workhouse or Multipurpose versions,
  • 4×4 and 4×2 drive variants.

The pickup covered 2 mln km (1.24 mln miles) in all-terrain and all-weather tests. It is suitable for all roads and uses.

Size: 5.33 m (17.5 ft) long for a double cab and 5.39 m (17.7. ft) for a single cab, all 1.92 m (6.3 ft) wide.

Payload: 1000-1200 kg (2,205-2,646 lb).

The cargo box can accommodate two euro pallets in Double Cab and three euro pallets in Single Cab versions.

The Landtrek rides on aluminum wheels with all-terrain Mud and Snow tires. The vehicle is fitted with a homogeneous spare wheel and numerous protective features.

The ground clearance is min. 214 mm (0.7 ft) for 16-inch wheels or up to 235 mm (0.77 ft) for 17/18-inch wheels.

Safety functions include Hill Descent Control, ASR (enhanced traction), Trailer Swing Control, Lane Departure Warning, 1-4 cameras.

Peugeot hopes its new pickup truck will enhance the brand. The 2021 Landtrek will be launched in late 2020, at first in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Europe is not included in the scope of marketing for the present.

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