Pets Help Drivers be More Careful Behind the Wheel

Pets Help Drivers be More Careful Behind the Wheel

SEAT has conducted a new research proving that dogs positively influence on motorists.

This study from SEAT U.K. reveals the drivers think more about safety when a dog is in the vehicle. Moreover, the common belief that pets help avoid stress applies to car rides as well.

According to results of the study, 54 percent of dog owners say they drive more carefully when traveling with their pet in the car. 69 percent of 18-24 aged drivers prefer safer driving with their dog in the vehicle.

42 percent of the drivers over 55 years old are more cautious when their dog is accompanying them in the car.  

70 percent of Londoners and 66 percent residents of the North East of the United Kingdom respond that their behavior behind the wheel is more responsible when the pet is sitting near during the road trip.

Besides, 35 percent of the survey participants say the dog in the car has a calming anti stress effect on the driver.

Though secure in-car pet accessories are on offer in a large assortment, one fifth of dog-owning drivers admit that they don’t restrain their dogs in the car.

The fact is that many citizens don’t know at all about the existing laws which refer to traveling with dogs in automobiles.

More than a third respondents say they haven’t heard of any such rules, while 90 percent don’t know about the maximum nine-point penalty and £5,000 ($6,200) fine for driving with a dog without due care.

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