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Passive 3D Display Technology For In-Car Use From Bosch Revealed

Bosch has revealed its new in-car product – passive 3D technology for next-generation digital displays.

This German company is a key supplier to automakers. Bosch is not the first developer of a 3D display. Visteon, an American car electronics producer, is ahead.

That firm already created a 3D instrument cluster, which debuted in the new Peugeot 208. Visteon’s technology works on holographic effect made by mirrors.

But Bosch believes its passive 3D display technology is more innovative and accurate for forming realistic three-dimensional broadcasting. Moreover, it requires no glasses or reflection to view the 3D effect.

Thanks to Bosch’s new technology, a person behind the wheel will be able to grasp important visual information faster than from driver assistance systems. Onboard displays will prioritize and pack information into smaller screens.

Bosch also claims the 3D technology will considerably better assist functions based on camera. For example, a 3D reversing camera can give drivers an improved sense of depth and realism of view behind the vehicle.

The technology is adapted for displays of any shape or size. The product is ready to use, Bosch claims.

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