Volvo presents its first car made in the USA

On June 21, 2018 a new Volvo S60 mid-size premium sports sedan is being officially unveiled at the Volvo’s plant in the USA. Both the new plant in Charleston (South Carolina) and the model first made in the USA are launched today.

Håkan Samuelsson,Volvo’s CEO, said:

It is a true driver’s car that gives us a strong position in the US and China sedan markets, creating more growth opportunities for Volvo Cars.

As we previously informed, no diesel engines are offered for the new car. Volvo Cars was the first global car maker to announce its strategy to electrify all new models from 2019.

The S60 got two turbo Twin Engine AWD plug-in hybrid petrol engines: T6 with 340 hp and T8 with 400 hp. Volvo’s T5 and T6 petrol engines will be available at launch.

Customers first for the segment can use the Care by Volvo subscription service, which means car access with no down payment via a monthly flat-fee subscription rather than ownership.

The S60 shares SPA platform, safety and infotainment systems with the new Volvo V60 wagon, the top 90 Series and the XC60 – leaders of safety ratings. So, the new S60 will be one of the safest cars on the road due to the City Safety technology (with auto braking and pedestrians, cyclists, large animals recognition).

2019 Volvo S60

The model also include the optional Pilot Assist and Cross Traffic Alert systems, Run-off Road Mitigation, Oncoming Lane Mitigation and other steering assistance functions.

The 209 Volvo S60 interior

Volvo Cars’ Sensus Connect infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G. А performance handling offer called Polestar Engineered is available for the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid versions. It upgrades the car’s wheels, suspension, brakes and engine control unit, providing combined output of 415 hp.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine Ltd, the official distributor of Volvo cars in Ukraine

The Kia Ceed Model Will Have Two More Body Versions

Two more body versions – a shooting brake and a SUV will join the latest-generation Kia Ceed hatchback, apart from already unveiled Sportswagon.

The hatch will enter the market in August, and the sports wagon – at the end of this year. The shooting break will be presented at the Motor Show in Paris in October under the Proceed name, which was used for the three-door Cee’d and the concept shown at last year’s auto show in Frankfurt. As in the case of the hatchback, the name will lose its apostrophe and underscore.

Kia positions the SUV and the shooting break as more premium than a standard hatchback, which could be a rival to the Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1-Series. The shooting break is expected to be available on sale in 2019, and the SUV – in 2020.

The company has also confirmed that there will the Ceed with a mild-hybrid 48-volt technology, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. All modifications of the model will be built on the K2 platform.

The lineup of engines for top trim levels of the SUV and the shooting brake will include more powerful petrol and diesel motors, as well as advanced safety systems, level two autonomous technology and  the latest connectivity.

Source: Auto Express

Photo: 2019 Kia Ceed Sportswagon

Suzuki Has Published Several Photos Of The New Jimny

Suzuki Motor Corporation has released several images of a small Jimny SUV of the new generation. As expected, one of the most famous models of the Japanese brand after the generation change has remained “square.”

The new Suzuki Jimny is quite recognizable, which is natural: the simple uncomplicated exterior of the SUV became one of the reasons for its popularity.

Apparently, the interior has preserved Spartan stylistics, but there is still no information on the trim levels.

Actually, Suzuki has published only one general image, but in six body colors.

2019 Suzuki Jimny

Judging by the third image of the chassis layout, the Jimny remained framed.

The new Suzuki Jimny’s chassis

The Suzuki Jimny cabin

All technical details about the new car are expected in the near future.

Nissan Will Use Special High-Strength Steel In Its New Models

The new Infiniti QX50 premium SUV became the first production car, whose body parts are made of steel with ultrahigh tensile strength of 980 MPa. Nissan plans to use such material in its future models.

This is a high-strength steel with a high level of formability. Using it makes vehicles lighter, and their forms more aerodynamic. Such cars emit less harmful gases into the atmosphere and better protect occupants.

The material was developed by Nissan jointly with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp, one of the world’s leading metalworking companies. Parts of complex shape are made of such steel, which are usually thinner and lighter than products made of ordinary steel.

The new steel is part of Nissan’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions in new cars by 40% by 2022 compared to 2000. The automaker wants it to make up 25% of the company’s vehicle parts by weight.. For example, in the new QX50 it it makes up 27% of the construction.

Another advantage of the new steel is that it can be subjected to cold pressing, which makes it suitable for economical mass production.

Nissan’s plan for a significant CO2 emissions reduction complies with the strategy of a phase-out of diesel engines from Nissan model lineup for the European market by early next decade. Compression-ignition engines produce less carbon dioxide, but they are believed to be more harmful than petrol ones, due to their levels of nitric oxide.

To reduce the overall concentration of carbon dioxide, Nissan will invest heavily in electric and hybrid vehicles. For example, the automaker is currently teaming up with Panasonic, Honda, Toyota and GS Yuasa for the initiative to market solid-state batteries.

Source: Nissan

Photo: 2019 Infiniti QX50

Tesla Produces Its Model 3 Car In A “Tent”

The new assembly line for the Tesla Model 3 at the factory in Fremont (California, USA) caused an ambiguous attitude among the fans of the brand. It was placed inside the building, which is a huge tent, what is very unusual for the industry.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has commented on the project, saying that the new line is “better” and costs several times less than any other assembly line of the company. He asked employees for a current push to increase the production of the Model 3 to 5,000  units a week, including on the mentioned line at the Fremont  facility.

People call this project a “tent”, but in fact this structure of the building is named Sprung and is stronger than a building used on permanent basis. In his Twitter, the head of Tesla praised the team’s work on the new assembly line and presumptuously remarked that it was better than the general conveyor line inside the factory.

Tesla applied for a temporary permission to build a “tent”, but now, apparently, its CEO believes it can work permanently, as is “more comfortable” and offers a “great view of the mountains.”

2018 Tesla Model 3

Last weekend Mr. Musk released a picture of the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance, the first to roll off the new assembly line. Tesla’s boss seems more confident than ever about Tesla achieving its production goals for the Model 3.

Source: Electrek

Polestar Has Developed An Electrified Performance Offer For Volvo 60 Series Hybrids

The Polestar electric brand owned by Volvo Cars has developed an upgraded electrified performance offer called Polestar Engineered with a top T8 Twin Engine hybrid powertrain for cars of 60 series.

This was announced at the opening of the Volvo plant in Charleston (South Carolina), which for the first time in the United States will produce a new S60 premium sports sedan. This model will be the first to get a new package with the advanced T8 Twin Engine system, which is positioned above Volvo’s R-Design versions. The Volvo S60 will be officially presented tomorrow, June 20.

Since 2019 the Polestar electrified performance offer will be available for the new Volvo V60 wagon and the XC60 SUV for Care by Volvo subscribers at the company’s dealerships around the world.

The package includes new open design alloy wheels with brake callipers of golden color (the hallmark color for Polestar Engineered components), Polestar emblems, black chrome tailpipes and golden seat belts. Brake pads have increased heat resistance, and brake discs with notches contribute to reducing heating during braking.

Polestar Engineered also includes multi-link front and rear suspension with Öhlins premium shock absorbers with a dual-flow valve and adjustable struts, the Brembo mono-block brake callipers optimized for rigidity.

Fine-tuned engine’s control unit increases the power of T8 Twin Engine for the S60 up to 415 hp and 670 Nm (400 hp and 640 Nm  are standard for this model). The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are improved, as well as the automatic transmission quality.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine Ltd., the official distributor of Volvo cars in Ukraine

Audi’s CEO Has Been Arrested In Germany

Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler today, on June 18, 2018, has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of fraud and manipulation.

This was reported by Volkswagen Group, Audi owner. Last week Mr. Stadler was indicted by the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as twenty others in the company involved in Dieselgate.

Mr. Stadler is being accused in fraudulent actions that contributed to the sale of cars with manipulated emission data.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Audi has sold at least 210,000 vehicles in 2009 in the USA and Europe, the software on which for controlling emissions of harmful gases showed untrue data (the actual emissions were underestimated).

Earlier due to the diesel scandal, the company had to suspend selling the A6 and A7 models. Besides, the German car inspection department obliged Audi to re-equip the software on 127,000 cars around the world.

Volkswagen has been prosecuted for 3 years, since September 2015,when it was discovered manipulating the software on VW vehicles.

The resignation of top management, arrests of employees, colossal fines, recalls of a large number of cars – these are the consequences of Dieselgate, which touched other brands of the German automotive giant.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Photo: Alexander Migl

BMW Introduces A New-Generation 8-Series First In 20 Years

In November of this year, the BMW 8-Series coupe of the new generation will enter the market. The car maker hopes it helps to ginger the sales of the brand.

The flagship coupe of the previous first generation was produced 10 years ago and discontinued in 1999. After a 20-year interval BMW returns it to the market, to replace the 6 series coupe.

First, as a veiled hint, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March. In 2017 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy the BMW 8-Series Concept was shown.

The new car has dimensions of 4,843 mm x 1,902 mm x 1,341 mm and 2,822-mm wheelbase. It got a larger double kidney-shaped radiator grille with adjustable slats, big air intakes at the corners, the slimmest LED headlights in the BMW lineup.

A carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof, as well as carbon air intake bars, exterior mirror caps, a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser insert are offered as an option.

In Europe, the model will be available with the newly developed  530-horsepower eight-cylinder M850i xDrive Coupe engine and the “unprecedented for the segment” six-cylinder 840d xDrive Coupe 3.0-liter diesel with 320-hp output. The petrol unit will allow the car to accelerate to 100 kmh (62 miles) in 3.7 seconds and the diesel one – in 4.9 seconds.

The standard equipment includes a head-up display. The BMW Night Vision system is optional. Thanks to the folded 50:50 seats, the volume of the 420-liter luggage compartment can be increased. There is also an advanced Integral Active Steering.

Source: Automotive News Europe

The New Volvo S60 Will Have No Diesel-Powered Versions

As early as June 20, Volvo will present a rival of the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. It’s about the new-generation S60 sedan. What is already known about the new car, except that it won’t have a diesel version?

The Swedish automaker is intriguing the car audience with teasers of the new Volvo S60, the official premiere of which is scheduled for next Wednesday. Generally speaking, we are primarily interested in the design of the rear end, since the Volvo V60 wagon has already been presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

It is hard to say why the Swedes showed wagon the first. Perhaps, it’s because wagons are more popular in Europe than sedans. Now about the new S60.

There will be no diesel engines in the sedan’s motor range any more, but a hybrid powertrain is included instead. So, the 2019 Volvo S60 will be offered to customers with one of the petrol engines – T3, T4 or T5.

A S60 –based hot version will also be developed by the Polestar office. It will receive a combined T8 power system with a capacity of over 400 hp. The latter is currently offered on the XC60 and XC90 SUVs built on the same platform as the sedan.

The new-generation Volvo S60 will be available for sale next year. Its initial cost is expected within €35,000.

The Petrol-Powered Kia Soul Will Be Replaced By The EV In Europe

Kia ceases selling subcompact Kia Soul SUV with the petrol engine of 1.6 liters and 204 horsepower in the European market in favor of its all-electric version.

Last year 12,100 cars of Kia Soul were sold in the Old World, and 5,400 of them (about 45 percent) were electric vehicles.

Prices for the electrical modification of the Soul in Europe were raised up to 10 percent in the first quarter of 2018. The company expects that the demand for the Kia Soul EV will grow here, given the current trend.

Since the beginning of this year the electric SUV was purchased in Europe by 2,698 men, according to the EAFO`s data. It’s almost 1,000 more, than sold in 2017 for the same period. It means the demand for the Soul EV has been growing on the continent.

The South Korean car maker, like some other brands, plans to launch electric versions for all its new models.

Source: Insideevs

Photo: 2015 Kia Soul EV

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